In order to smile with snow-white teeth, apply Teeth Whitening process

In order to smile with snow-white teeth, apply Teeth Whitening process

You could whiten your teeth at DentGroup clinics with laser having fast sessions of 1-2 hours or you can make application at your home with whitening kits that are especially prepared for you.

Our daily habits such as coffee, tea and cigarettes change the colour of our teeth. For this reason many people are not content with their smile. The results obtained by whitening teeth, enable people to be content with their smiles. Change the world with DentGroup.

How many teeth whitening methods are there ?  

There are 5 different methods for whitening teeth.

1) Home type teeth whitening

2) Office type (in clinic environment) teeth whitening

3) Single tooth whitening (inner tooth whitening)

4) Combined teeth whitening (Both home and office whitening)

5) Biological bleaching

Which is the most effective teeth whitening method?

The most effective teeth whitening method is combined whitening.

How can home type teeth whitening method is applied?

By taking measures from inside the mouth, whitening plates for individual people are prepared. A certain quantity of whitening gel is applied inside this plate that is prepared.( % 10–15 of Carbamide peroxide)


For how long does home type teeth whitening last ?  

It is a treatment that continues for 10-15 days, where the plate is used for at least 4-6 hours during the day.

How much gel should I put inside the plate?  

In home type teeth whitening, attention should be paid not to use the gel too much. Or else the excess gel irritates gingiva. In such a case gingiva should be washed and a cream containing vitamin E should be applied to the irritated surface.

What is office type teeth whitening?

It is teeth whitening method that is used in the clinic. It is a convenient method for patients having limited time. It provides effective cleaning in a shorter time. Whitening gel that is applied on the teeth by the dentist, is activated with UV ray or laser and whitening continues for 1 hour. It is also known as teeth whitening method with laser.

What is combined type of whitening?

It is teeth whitening method where both office and home types are applied together. After being applied in the office or in the clinic, the process ins supported with home type of whitening for 2-3 days.

What is bio-whitening ?

Bio whitening, also known as dual whitening or power whitening, is a tooth bleaching procedure which also repairs the tooth enamel and therefore not cause any sensitivity while doing so.

What difference does bio-whitening have compared to other whitening methods ?

Bio-whitening reinforces healthy tissue while whitening. This is achieved by the help of a molecule called “nano-hydroxylapatite”, which is the mostly found molecule in enamel. Therefore, all micro-gaps, cracks and deformities are filled in with healthy tooth structure, and the teeth are whitened without causing any sensitivity.

My teeth are already sensitive. Can my teeth be whitened ?


The sensitivity causing substance in the whitening procedure is called “hydrogen peroxide”. In bio-whitening, this substance is used in only very low concentrations and because it has enamel molecules alongside, it does not cause any sensitivity. There will not be any sensitivity both during and after the procedure. Even your current sensitivity will be mostly gone.

Is there any difference in bio-whitening procedure ?

In bio whitening, a clinic procedure called office bleaching is done in one session. Afterwards, you are given a pair of bleaching gels and a special trays for your upper and lower teeth. Also a special toothpaste which includes enamel molecules is given.

Is there any disadvantages in bio-whitening?

Thanks to the biocompatible molecules used in this system, it is a completely tissue-friendly procedure and does not hold any disadvantages.

What cautions do I need to take after the whitening ?

As in other whitening methods, first two weeks after the procedure are critical in terms of color stability. Therefore any colored liquid such as tea, coffee and red wine, acidic liquids like coke and all kinds of tobacco products must not be used during this period. They can be used in low doses afterwards but you have to clean your teeth (even basicly, like drinking a glass of water) immediately after consuming such products. Otherwise the effect of whitening will wear off in short time.

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