Butt Aesthetics

The definition of beauty varies according to everybody, but there are some recipes that are generally preferred in butt beauty. The size of the popon is proportional to the body and the urothelia, it is sufficiently visible when viewed from the side and has a smooth rounded appearance. Depending on the need, the butt is shaped using different techniques.

Is the butt removed with the suture?

With this method performed by some of our colleagues, at first, the effect of oedema and pops became obvious, and this effect is rising in a short time like 3 months. It is not too difficult to predict that this effect will not last long because of the sitting and lying movements.

Butt enlargement with fill

Aesthetic technology has gained momentum. For each region of the body it became possible to become beautiful with filling materials in different volumes. We use these fillings to round and shape the buttock area. In recent years Kim Kardasian has begun to appeal. With a combination of oil injection and filling we can grow the poppy to the sides or back to give it a beautiful shape. Memories can have a fairly convoluted body in fullness.

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