It is probably one of the simplest surgeries within the aesthetic surgical operations. It is performed under local anesthesia under office conditions.

As in all aesthetic surgeries, it is necessary to think, plan and perform the operation of the bucket ear aesthetic surgery with a person-specific approach as well.

It is difficult for you to decide on this surgery with limited and general information to be given on the web pages.

If you are complaining about the size and sagging of your ears, then all you have to do is come to our clinic and meet Dr. Muhammad Erkan face to face.

You can rest assured that, Dr.  Muhammet Erkan will listen to your complaints and expectations, will perform your examination and will tell you the best, most rational method you need.

In addition, your doctor will tell you all the details of the operation, and what you should do before and after the surgery.

We believe that the information provided on the internet is not sufficient to decide whether or not to make an operation. For this reason, the right thing to do is to consult your doctor face to face, be examined and receive detailed information.

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