FUE Hair transplantation technique

Special technique used during hair transplantation. During this application, hair roots are taken from an area called the donor area, which are transferred to the area where the hair is sparse or hairless. Today’s hair transplanting is more comfortable using FUE technique than FUT technique. This technique is easy to apply, and the hair roots that are needed can be taken from more regions and completely without scars


How does FUE works?

During FUE hair follicle hair roots are collected one by one with the help of cylindrical tips with micro motor. In hair follicles, which are defined as grafts, there are double and triple hair graft. Since they have been subjected to local anesthesia before they are done, there is no pain during hair transplantation. According to the requirement of the bald area of the body, 2000-5000 grafts can be taken in a single session according to the condition of the donor area at the same time. If more hair is needed, a second session can be done. In the place where hair roots are removed, there are traces of white dots. However there will be no scars detected by naked eye. Therefore, FUE hair transplantation is known as the most advanced method.

In this way, manual instrument was used at the beginning of the hair plantation. For this reason, a certain number of grafts were available during the session. When a large number of hair follicles were needed, hair follicles were completed for a long time. With the use of a micro-motor, the hair follicles began to collect faster and the hair follicle was completed in a shorter time. At the same time, hair transplant cost has also started to fall.

Does FUE apply for hair transplantation?

With the FUE technique, there is no need to remove tissue from the donor area where grafts are taken during hair transplantation. For this reason, the hair is extracted without the need of suturing, without incision. Also, the session time will be shorter. For this reason, this technique is used more for hair transplantation. When making FUE hair transplantation, hair follicles are collected one by one and transferred to bald area.

Before this procedure the donor hair is shaved to a very short length. Local anesthesia is applied to both the donor area and the receiving area.

Why should FUE hair transplantation be preferred?

If FUE hair is done with a professional tool, a very successful result is obtained. Since the hair roots used in the sowing region are not genetically corrupted, people get permanent hair for life. In addition, these hair will continue to grow throughout life. The self-confidence that people earns when their hair grows. FUE technique does not require time. No scars occur at the donor area. It is possible to plant hair in this way for men and women. Without feelings any pain, in a shorter period of recovery, people return to their normal activities shortly. The new hair becomes a natural look. It is easy to reach the planned density in the area where the hair is planted.

FUE Hair Straightening Advantages

The FUE technique has some advantages over other methods of hair transplantation. These;

  • Only the hair roots are removed without removing the tissue from the donor site
  • Since there is not cut in the donor area, there is no need for stitches. The area where the hair follicles are taken will be a hole with a small diameter of 1 mm. They will heal spontaneously in 1-2 days.
  • FUE technique can be used for beard, eyebrows and mustache planting and for other areas than the head.
  • Session will be shorter depending on the person. Up to 10,000 hair roots can be taken each session. Each of these hair follicles contains 2-3 hair follicles.
  • FUE can transplant around 55-60 hair root in  cm2 during hair transplantation.
  • This technique does not involve problems such as tissue loss, loss of sensation.
  • Among the advantages provided by this method is that pain and loss of tissue sensation do not occur in patients who have undergone hair transplantation surgery.

FUE Hair transplantation for a Natural Hair View

The density of grafts in cm2 in the area of hair transplantation reveals the success of hair transplantation. In addition, in order to obtain a natural appearance after hair transplantation, the hair follicles must be planted in the right angularity. The density of the hair follicles, which is located at the density of cm2 in the donor area, is a determining factor of the naturalness in hair transplantation. In the FUE hair styling technique, the roots are placed at the right angles to the channels with fine tips. There is no risk on these hair follicles playing in place, changing their angle. With thin needles, there is no damage to the recipient area; recovery takes 2-3 days.

Before FUE Hair Transplantation

Aspirin and similar blood-diluting drugs should be stopped before administration. Blood thinners should not be taken 10 days before. The fact that the area to be processed is clean is also an important factor. Cosmetic products that leave residue on the skin should not be used in the last week. It is also useful to choose a dress that is easily worn and worn on the day you go to the clinic for the procedure. As the throat sweater is being removed, it may cause rubbing because the hair comes in contact with the skin. In the first days, it is advised to choose clothes that do not come in contact with the hair because of the need to pay attention to the hair with the hair made with the sow.

FUE Technique applications

FUE can be applied to different hair loss problems, can be applied with 3 different techniques. The doctor decides which of these techniques will be applied. Problems present in the patient and factors such as hair loss are taken into consideration. These techniques are different from hair transplantation during the extraction of hair, that is, during the extraction of the hair root.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and hair transplantation techniques:

  • Needle hair transplantation
  • DHI hair transplantation (CHOI Pen technique)
  • Slit cultivation technique (lateral technique)
FUE After Hair Transplantation

The most important consideration after application is the protection of this region. It is necessary to avoid contact for some time which may cause damage. After application, you need to wash your hair for a while. It is also important to take care not to soak your hair during this time and to be protected from the weather conditions like rain. It is also important to wash your hair in a gently when your physician gives you permission to wash your hair. It is necessary to avoid all abrasive movements.

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